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Unlock Your Organization’s Potential:

Embracing Financial Transformation

For the modern accountant, workloads are growing, tasks are getting more complex, and hiring and keeping good talent feels like mission impossible. Plus, issues with data quality and accessibility hinder their ability to get the work done and, in some cases, feel confident in the accuracy of their work.

These challenges demand a strategic approach to transformation. To help finance leaders navigate these challenges successfully, FloQast, in partnership with the University of Georgia, analyzed survey data from a diverse group of accounting and finance professionals to understand how well these teams understand financial transformation, how it impacts their work and the organization, and how they feel about artificial intelligence entering their work.

Our research revealed that CFOs are more familiar with the idea of financial transformation than the accountants who report to them. Meanwhile, accounting and finance teams are more aware of their organizations’ need for financial transformation. As a result, CFOs don’t “feel the pain” and allocate the necessary resources to make the transformation happen.

This eBook is essential for anyone looking to harness the power of financial transformation and artificial intelligence to create meaningful and lasting improvements in their organization.

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