It is no surprise that 67% of Controller’s report they are facing new challenges as they plan for 2021 amongst the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, 64% of Controller’s state that Covid-19 has had a bigger impact than any other global event in the past 20 years. Not only is the pandemic affecting their professional life, but their personal life as well as they juggle family life, working longer hours, all while keeping the organization afloat by worrying about the well being of their employees and making sure they meet company revenue goals. 

Due to the uncertainty of 2021, a quarter of the organizations surveyed have begun doing multiple scenario planning for the first time in 2021. These are just a few of the findings of a recent survey of more than 200 financial professionals involved in the planning process.

Join Diane Hagglund, founder and Principal of Dimensional Research and Mike Whitmire, CEO & Co-Founder of FloQast as they share the results of the just-completed survey on the state of 2021 planning for Controllers. Learn how your peers are approaching their planning process, and the biggest challenges they are facing during this uncertain period. 

Join this webinar to learn:

  1. How coronavirus has impacted 2021 planning and the top challenges Controller’s are facing
  2. How multiple-scenario planning has affected certain organizations and the top areas of concerns for such scenarios
  3. What technologies and strategies you can put in action to help alleviate some of the planning hardships

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Diane Hagglund

Founder and Principal


Mike Whitmire

Co-founder & CEO