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The pandemic brought widespread disruption to our work and personal lives, including shelter-in-place orders that changed how we conduct business. For many accounting teams, daily routines and processes were thrown into disarray and work schedules and processes had to be redesigned and implemented differently; for some organizations very little changed.

Join Jen Iwanicki, Director of Technology Solutions and Geraldine Hegarty, Managing Consultant for CrossCountry Consulting and Mike Whitmire, FloQast CEO and co-founder as they share their insights of working with numerous clients who in some cases experienced extensive disruption to their operations, and in others, minimal. Also joining will be Shina Coley, Accounting Manager of Atlanta Hawks & State Farm Arena as she shares how her team has adopted a new way of working--and how they’re adopting these learnings to create a stronger and more effective accounting team going forward.

Join this webinar to learn:

  1. Key takeaways for how to best manage a remote workforce and streamline daily accounting processes, including best practices for communication, management and infrastructure
  2. New processes and ways to work when teams are not together that help make them more effective and efficient.
  3. How some organizations mitigated the disruption of COVID and how they were able to achieve this.

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Mike Whitmire

Co-Founder & CEO


Shina Coley

Accounting Manager

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Jenn Iwanicki

Director of Technology Solutions


Geraldine Hegarty

Managing Consultant