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Late in Adopting ASC 842?

A Practical Way to Get Back on Track Before Your Audit

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Our Speakers

Jaysen Dyal

CPA & Evangelist,

Allie Forte
Allie Forte

CPA & Sales Engineer,

Stefan headshot (1)
Stefan van Duyvendijk

Accounting Operations Evangelist, FloQast

Are you late in adopting ASC 842?
Avoid misstatements from the new lease guidance and adjustments from the audit. 

Year-end is approaching fast. This webinar is designed to get you back on track to implement ASC 842. Don’t overcomplicate the process; make lease accounting easy! We review Day 1 accounting for the standard with Jaysen Dyal, CPA, Product Marketing Manager, Allie Forte, CPA, Sales Engineer, and Stefan van Duyvendijk, Accounting Operations Evangelist at FloQast. They will dive into a practical approach and key factors for lessees implementing ASC 842, including:

  • Review the new lease standard, ASC 842, and its general business implications.
  • Understanding of the key decision points in adopting the new standard.
  • Identify the practical expedients for adopting and implementing the standard.
  • Review disclosure requirements in preparation for year-end reporting.