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2023 Audit Readiness: Laying the Foundation for Success

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Our Speakers

Headshot of Jaysen Dyal
Jaysen Dyal

Product Marketing Manager

Headshot of Aric Johnstone
Aric Johnstone

Director | Accounting Advisory
CrossCountry Consulting

Headshot of Marissa Johnson
Marissa Johnson

Managing Director, Audit

2023 Audit Readiness: Laying the Foundation for Success

Need help with the audit grind? You’re not alone. The looming specter of the audit often sends organizations into a frenzy, consuming precious time and resources. But what if there was a way to transform your team’s audit experience into a well-oiled, efficient process?

In this webinar, FloQast’s Product Marketing Manager, Jaysen Dyal, CrossCountry Consulting’s Director - Accounting Advisory, Aric Johnstone, and KPMG’s Audit Managing Director, Marissa Johnson, explore critical topics and best practices that will not only lighten the audit burden but also position your organization for success. 

In this session, the speakers will:

  • Explore overall best practices for a more efficient audit readiness process
  • Learn how to execute strategic post-audit planning based on your prior year’s financial statement audit
  • Uncover the advantages of early and frequent collaboration with auditors, reducing audit-related stress
  • Discuss harnessing the benefits of technology to streamline audits, making them more efficient and effective