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EMEA Audit Readiness: Execution Strategies for CFOs and Controllers

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Raheel Zafar

Customer Success Manager II,

Hugh Oneill
Hugh O'Neill

Senior Sales Engineer,

EMEA Audit Readiness:
Execution Strategies for CFOs and Controllers

The audit process is demanding and stressful, and we want to make sure your interaction with the auditors is a highly productive one.  That means ensuring that all work papers are complete and everything ties out before auditors arrive for fieldwork. Why? Because your relationship with auditors matters!

Watch this on-demand webinar featuring FloQast’s Accounting Success Manager (former Group Controller), Raheel Zafar, and Senior Sales Engineer (former Financial Director), Hugh O’Neill, as they discuss practical tips and best practices for crushing the audit and setting you up for success.

In this session, you will:

  • Review of the pressures and issues facing companies and firms, such as the virtual workspace, growing compliance, and the Great Resignation
  • Learn strategies and tactics designed specifically to combat each of these pressures and issues
  • Understand how technology can solve workplace challenges
  • Learn how to deploy your technology to assist in the execution of these strategies and tactics

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