Artificial intelligence (AI) is being touted as the future. Yet for accounting teams, the future is now. From bank reconciliations to audit testing, innovative corporate accounting teams and CPA firms are beginning to leverage AI-powered tools to automate tedious work so they can spend more time on high value initiatives and strategy.

Blake Oliver, Accounting Technologist and “40 Under 40” and Erika Heckscher, Product Manager of FloQast discuss what you need to know about AI in accounting and how you can start leveraging solutions taking advantage of the technology for increased efficiencies and improved operations. Join this webinar to learn:

  • The current state of AI in the profession — where we’ve come so far and where we’ll go in the next one to five to ten years. Witness real-world case studies of how AI is being applied in accounting.
  • Strategies for introducing AI and automation to your team in a non-threatening way that encourages excitement and adoption--not fear.
  • See a live demo of the industry’s first AI-powered transaction matching that requires no writing of rules, saving teams hours or even days.


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Blake Oliver

Accounting Technologist


Erika Heckscher

Product Manager