Audit season - the inevitable but dreaded beginning to a new year. As we try our best to close the books, multiple requests for information inundate us, forcing prioritization, overtime, and a scramble to meet deadlines that, quite frankly, are a pain in the asset. Fortunately, there is an intelligent solution to this enigma that will help keep your processes on track and your auditors “in scope”.

Join Shivang Patel, Sr. Director of Solutions Engineering and Brett Hughes, Technology Alliances Manager of FloQast, both former auditors, as they walk through how to better engage with your auditors and remove them from the audit room once and for all. We’ll explain how you can design a scalable process in a remote environment that will help get your auditors what they need while potentially lowering your audit fees.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  1. Gain insight on an efficient and “successful” audit engagement team on both the client and auditor sides
  2. Identify and avoid “landmines” lurking for engagement teams in 2020
  3. Implement best practices for a smoother year-end audit and a more cooperative client relationship
  4. Leverage technology to streamline reconciliation and consolidate PBC requests

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Shivang Patel

Sr. Director of Solutions Engineering


Brett Hughes

Technology Alliances Manager