The function of the Office of the CFO is shifting - organizations now look to the finance department not only to get the numbers right but also to drive operational strategy. This transformation means that CFOs and their teams must add new tools to their belt, develop additional skills and rely on better processes and technology to support their evolving roles.

Access this session with NetSuite’s Director of Product Marketing Tom Kelly and FloQast’s Accounting Operational Evangelist Stefan van Duyvendijk for an exciting discussion on building and managing an effective Office of the CFO.

In this session, we discuss:

  1. The trends shaping the shift of finance departments from tactical to strategic

  2. The need to develop skills to manage new responsibilities of the Office of the CFO

  3. The proficiencies your executive team, board, and other key stakeholders expect finance to possess from day one

  4. The role technology plays in assisting the Office of the CFO to increase innovation, enhance processes, and drive organizational improvement

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