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Business Integrated Controls:

The "Missing Key" to Compliance Programs Driving Business Performance

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Our Speakers

Stefan van Duyvendijk
Stefan van Duyvendijk

Accounting Operations Evangelist,

Headshot of Xavier Sanchez
Xavier Sanchez

Managing Director,

Headshot of Angela DePoy
Angela DePoy

Risk Advisory Partner,

Compliance programs are often viewed as a mere “check-the-box” exercise due to root obstacles, such as the ever-shifting business landscape to visibility, ultimately obscuring their strategic value. However, by their nature, compliance programs are meant to drive value by creating process adherence and visibility. 

Why are compliance programs failing their promise? The answer is a fundamental "missing key" in a process technology has yet to address: business integrated controls. 

In this dynamic discussion, FloQast’s Stefan van Duyvendijk joins CFGI compliance experts Xavier Sanchez and Angela DePoy to discuss how SOX burdened organizations can shift their compliance programs to be a strategic asset that boosts performance by leveraging technology to link workflow execution with compliance management. 

In this session, FloQast and CFGI will: 

  • Review and discuss 404B SOX Compliance standards and their implementation
  • Review best practices to natively embed SOX compliance into your workflow using the right technology solutions as an enabler
  • Talk through “always live” continuous controls management to increase visibility into control ownership and accountability so you can build stronger controls, identify issues faster, and mitigate risks long before audit discovery