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Compliance and Controls Survey: State of the Industry

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Stefan van Duyvendijk
Stefan van Duyvendijk

Accounting Operations Evangelist,

Dee Warmath Headshot (1)
Dee Warmath, PhD

Assistant Professor and Director of the Consumer Analytics Program,
University of Georgia

Join FloQast and our partners at UGA Consumer Data Analytics Program as we uncover the issues bubbling to the top of compliance and controls management in our state-of-the-industry deep dive.

Organizations spend, on average, $2.4 million annually on corporate compliance and internal controls, which speaks to how vital these functions are to organizations. But are companies getting a return on this investment? Recent research from FloQast, conducted in conjunction with the University of Georgia Consumer Analytics program, found only one-quarter of accounting professionals believe this function adds significant value, and several other alarming disconnects. Many organizations “check the box” on compliance, missing out on strategic benefits by taking a tactical approach to compliance and controls rather than pursuing a strategic plan to direct and prioritize activities that protect the organization and provide value. What’s stopping organizations from realizing organizational value from their compliance activities? 

Join Stefan van Duyvendijk, Accounting Operations Evangelist at FloQast, and survey lead Dee Warmath, PhD, Assistant Professor and Director of the Consumer Analytics Program, as they review the survey’s findings and key insights.

Watch this webinar and:

  • Discover the potential of compliance and controls programs within your organization
  • Explore the top issues preventing compliance environments from reaching that potential in the industry
  • Learn about the three critical areas of opportunity uncovered by our research