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Accelerating the Financial Close

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Varun Dewan, Protiviti UK
Varun Dewan

Director BPI,
Protiviti UK

Hugh O'Neill
Hugh O'Neill

Senior Sales Engineer,

Accelerating the Financial Close: A 4-step guide to enhancing financial reporting

Boards and business leaders are demanding improved financial agility making it a top focus of CFOs in 2023. Accounting teams are facing more and more pressure to deliver a fast and accurate month-end close to achieve this pressing initiative. This allows Senior Finance leaders to make more timely and strategic business decisions which is crucial in today’s uncertain market environment to stay agile and forward-thinking. 

Listen in as FloQast and Protiviti share their 4 steps to reduce the time it takes to close the books, resulting in a streamlined process that increases team productivity, creates visibility across accounting operations, and delivers accurate and timely financial statements to leadership.

Here are the four steps we will discuss in detail during the presentation:

  1. Process Analysis to Identify Bottlenecks
  2. Maximizing Automation for Streamlined Processes
  3. Streamlining Processes through Integrated Applications and Workflows
  4. Adopt Soft-Close / Daily-Close Approach