Finance and accounting professionals rely heavily on Excel for data management and to report analytics, but too often, their spreadsheets can be extremely complex and hard to comprehend.

Humans respond to and process visual data best. Visual representations like charts and graphs elevate numerical data by providing an easy-to-understand visualization of numeric values, making the information more digestible. This leads to smarter business decisions.

Join Kevin Dam, Business Analyst at FloQast, as he shares the importance and value of displaying financial data through visual representations in Excel. Learn which types of graphs are best used for different types of financial reporting and how to make your data and business analytics more effective. Follow along in your own Excel workbook as he demonstrates live via a screenshare.

Join this webinar to learn:

  1. Various types of financial graphs - bar, line, pie, etc
  2. The impact visual graphs & charts have on financial reporting, and where to apply such graphs
  3. How to become more effective and efficient in your everyday use of Excel
  4. How to build financial graphs in Excel - along with some nifty shortcuts

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Kevin Dam

Business Analyst