New accounting guidance makes sense. The audit is independent. Robots will take your job. These are but a few of the considered “truisms” that are coming more and more into question.

Join Mike Whitmire, CPA*, CEO and Co-founder of FloQast and Shivang Patel, CPA*, Director of Solutions Engineering at FloQast as they review the top nine accounting megatrends and fact check them as we enter a new decade. See which ones continue to hold weight, better understand their basis and learn why some have taken on a life of their own. Gain insight into where the accounting profession is heading--including trends in technology, management and the industry.

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  1. If automation will replace accounting jobs and if so, when, what the most common tasks will be, and tips on actions you can take to prepare
  2. What the multi-generational accounting team looks like and what managerial techniques cut across generational lines to motivate and retain a cohesive team
  3. If blockchain is still relevant and if it will have any impact on accounting teams anytime soon

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Mike Whitmire

CEO / Co-Founder


Shivang Patel

Director of Solutions Engineering