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Best Practices for Achieving Connected Compliance

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Our Speakers

Headshot of Jaysen Dyal
Jaysen Dyal

Product Marketing Manager

kelly - headshot-1
Kelly Vargas

VP, Corporate Controller
The Joint Chiropractic

Dan Carr

Senior Sales Engineer

Xavier Sanchez
Xavier Sanchez

Managing Director, Risk Advisory Practice

The Three Lines of Defense model, a fundamental framework created by The Institute of Internal Auditors, helps organizations create structure and processes that foster strong governance and risk management around their compliance programs. In most organizations, teams either manage their compliance programs manually or are stuck with duplicative processes due to disparate solutions.

Join The Joint Chiropractic’s VP Corporate Controller Kelly Vargas, FloQast’s Product Marketing Manager Jaysen Dyal, and Senior Sales Engineer Dan Carr for an insightful discussion on best practices for building and managing a compliance program that integrates all three lines of defense into a single platform.

In this session, you'll learn:

  1. Overview of the Three Lines of Defense model, including best practices
  2. Solution approaches to managing the Three Lines of Defense model
  3. Streamlining processes through integrated applications and workflows
  4. Understand how a unified platform enhances combined assurance