Cloud Accounting is transforming traditional accounting departments. No longer confined to just the general ledger, cloud technologies are emerging for numerous other accounting functions from expense management, to accruals, to close management, and more.

Join Principal Analyst and CEO Hyoun Park of Amalgam Insights and Blake Oliver of FloQast to learn how to conduct a thorough business value analysis of a cloud accounting application so that you win your CEO’s approval.

We’ll walk through the just released Amalgam Insights Business Value Analysis of close management software to build the case for the new technology.

In this webinar you will learn:

  1. How to determine for your team the collaborative value of new software
  2. What key insights will help sell the value to the executive team
  3. How to put together a financial ROI model and analysis that you can use to make the case for new software for your team

All participants will receive a complimentary Financial ROI model and a copy of the latest Amalgam Insights research on FloQast and close management software.

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Hyoun Park

CEO and Principal Analyst


Blake Oliver

Director, Product Marketing