The path to IPO looks different for nearly every company, but a common theme we see among successful IPOs is the role proper preparation plays throughout the process. 

From startup to scaling organization to a publicly-traded company, it’s up to the Controller to support the company’s growth from an accounting perspective. While this changes with every level of growth, the Controller is responsible for ensuring the company is ready for whatever is next — a tall task for even the best-prepared Controller.

In part three of “Optimize Your Career Path: How to Become the Controller Every Company Needs,” join FloQast Co-founder and CEO Mike Whitmire, FloQast Controller Greg Vecellio, and Peter Purple, Assistant Controller at Purple as they share how their roles have evolved during the different stages of their businesses. 

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Steps Controllers can take to ensure IPO readiness at every turn
  • How to structure accounting teams to effectively manage all mission-critical processes
  • The tools successful publicly-traded companies implemented to help them along the IPO process.

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