Cash in the bank has never been as crucial for companies as it was in 2020, as uncertainties affected economies around the world, touching companies in almost every industry of every size. That focus on cash flow remains and businesses large and small recognize its importance for long-term business success.

Access this webinar to hear from Carlos Vega, CEO & Co-founder of Tesorio and Mike Whitmire, CEO & Co-founder of FloQast as they discuss ways your business can optimize cash flow and weather the toughest of storms.

From this discussion, you will take away:

  1. Treasury 101: Understanding accounts receivable

  2. The history of accounting and finance technology

  3. Extending your ERP to build the right technology stack

  4. Technologists vs. Practitioners: The value of solutions built by finance & accounting professionals

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Mike Whitmire

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Carlos Vega

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