Many accounting functions remain disconnected during the Close, creating a chaotic mix of waiting for upstream information, increasing manual workloads, and holding countless status update meetings. These upstream delays amplify into downstream financial functions leading to inaccurate information, audit risk, and growing team frustration and stress. This reality results in 70% of controllers report feeling bogged down with non-strategic tasks, and their teams spend most of their time on tactical accounting operations.

Now, there’s a better way...

As a company built by accountants for accountants, we are excited to introduce you to FloQast Ops.

Co-developed with over 200 customers, FloQast Ops is a workflow manager that extends the power of FloQast Close to control the chaos and deliver connected accounting operations. FloQast Ops helps controllers and their teams streamline accounting operations with increased visibility, collaboration, and automation to save time through flexible and easy-to-implement operational workflows.

Mike Whitmire, Co-founder and CEO of FloQast and Tracy Wong, Director of Product Management at FloQast host a hands-on FloQast Ops webcast where you will learn how to:

  1. Leverage FloQast’s newest solution to gain control over accounting operations beyond the Close.
  2. Gain insight into innovative accounting workflow capabilities that will enhance visibility, automation, collaboration, and documentation.
  3. Learn about how FloQast will help your team automate your workflows and leverage the best practices resulting from over a thousand companies.

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Featured Speakers


Mike Whitmire

Co-founder & CEO


Tracy Wong

Director of Product Management