A recent survey revealed that this year, 34% of organisations had a more difficult reporting period compared to previous years, while 41% of finance professionals claimed they had been over capacity. A complex, time-intensive and high-risk annual reporting process is accepted as the status quo–– but it doesn’t have to be. 

Learn from industry experts from FloQast and Workiva as they discuss how teams can best reimagine their financial close and reporting processes to keep up with new mandates, maintain efficiency and reduce stress amongst the team. 

Throughout this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn how:

  1. Technology can be leveraged to improve financial reporting and audit processes

  2. Cloud-based collaboration can benefit both internal and external teams

  3. Embracing automation can mitigate risk and maintain data integrity 

  4. Centralisation and transparency can be harnessed to drive efficiency

  5. Adopting new processes within your accounting team can enable a successful virtual close

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Featured Speakers


Jaysen Dyal

Product Marketing Manager


Hamish Prince

SME for ESEF and Reporting Solutions