Do you rely on Excel reconciliations to calculate your monthly amortizations, and then need to figure out what the month end balances should be? Whether it’s annual subscriptions or prepaid services like insurance, amortizations are a pain. And when it's across hundreds of expenses each month, it’s a time consuming, mundane task that steals your time from more important, strategic tasks. Everyone would love an Easy Button for amortization reconciliations and now through technology, one exists.

Join Mike Whitmire, CEO and co-founder of FloQast, Senior Product Manager, Erika Hecksher and FloQast Controller Greg Vecellio as they share how you can take the pain out of amortizing expenses through automation. Learn how you can vastly simplify your amortization process, saving countless hours with technology and streamlined practices.

Join this webinar to learn:

  1. How to automate and standardize the manual reconciliation process for prepaid and deferred revenue accounts so you have more time to spend on high impact work
  2. Ways to eliminate the time spent updating and maintaining prepaid excel reconciliations and how to focus on just exceptions when things change 
  3. About technology and practices to automate the amortization process

This webinar will feature a demonstration of exciting new capabilities of FloQast AutoRec, the industry’s first AI-based account reconciliation solution.

Register today and discover how you can reclaim hours every month to be more strategic and impactful.

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Mike Whitmire

Co-founder & CEO


Erika Heckscher

Senior Product Manager


Greg Vecellio