As Accountants, we spend hours in Excel each day and know how manual and time consuming it can be. With the new remote work environment, accurate reporting and communication is more important than ever.

Join “Chief Excel Officer” Jim Cline from ExcelCEO, and Megan Gallagher, Sales Engineer II of FloQast for an interactive session as Jim shares need-to-know Excel Tips and Tricks that save accounting professionals hours each day. Jim will demonstrate live via a screenshare while attendees follow along in their own copy of a provided Excel template. 

Join this session to learn how to:

  1. Recognize the proper use of TEXT functions to manipulate text without manual editing, including LEFT(), MID(), FIND(), TRIM(), and PROPER()
  2. Recognize the proper use of LOGICAL and LOOKUP functions, including IF(), IFERROR(), VLOOKUP(), LOOKUP(), and SUMIF()
  3. Identify the steps to nest formulas and functions within formulas
  4. Find the Excel Options dialog box to display the DEVELOPER tab
  5. Import and design the SPIN button object

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